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Eye study in pencil created by Nathan Johnson art students in the Lafoote Art Gallery studio

The studio and art classes are on-going and are open to all that truly love art and desire to dedicate themselves to learning all that is offered in areas of art. Both private and group class are scheduled year round. In the art classes, individuals are motivated to explore different mediums and produce artwork from their heart. They are given the freedom to express their unique talent especially after learning the essential lessons necessary.

art student working in class

Basic through Advanced lessons in Art being taught.

Ages accepted .........from 8 years old to how ever old you are.

Days available ..........throughout the year.

Monday - Friday and special times on weekend if schedule permits.

Times: 1 pm - 5 pm, for group lessons.  Limit of 4 - students per class.

Other times can be scheduled for private lessons.

Listed below are some of the beginning course studies taught at LaFoote Art Gallery, depending on the level and need of the student. We are using mediums: Acrylics, Water Color, Pastels, Charcoal, and Pencil.

Value Studies

Shading Techniques

Use of Colors especially in Prisma Colored Pencils

Creating  great Design

What makes good Composition Structure

Figure Drawing and Faces


art teacher

"My desire is to inspire art students and help them learn how to create from the heart. I will be teaching new ways of looking at things and being able to identify and capture what they see. Training the eye to see is what it is all about. I absolutely love what I do."

These on going classes will greatly widen your horizons and give you great joy in creating something you really like. Let's learn ways to express what is inside you.

There really is no wrong or right way for art to be truly good and enjoyed. Each individual has their own preferences in what they do or do not like to look at. Therefore art is very subjective.  It has been said "Anyone can learn to draw”. And I believe this to be so, because I have seen many who said they could only draw a stick figure accomplish with satisfaction an ability to express their hearts desire in learning how to create art.

Come be a part of our unique world. You will enjoy it. It is all so much fun!

bird done in magic marker by Adam Tolomei graphic study created by Sarah Cochron design created in magic marker by Brad Munzy cat pencil painting done by Kelsey Munzy woman's face pencil painting created by Rebekah Lifer grand mother and grand son doing art together in Lafoote Art Gallery studio art student working dog pencil painting created by Stephen Hall pencil rose painting done by Nathan Johnson still life study created by Drew Poplin
Emmie Russler faithful art student of LaFoote Art Gallery

Free Teaching video

Prices and Policies click here

Prices and Policies click here

Prices and Policies click here

Prices and Policies click here

001 Pencil Drawing Lesson free video lesson.