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What is the payment and  fees for the art classes?

Payment is $65 a month for 4 one hour classes. Due the first of the month.

Preferred method of payment is cash.

A $25  fee will be charged on returned checks.

DISCOUNT..............If payment is made in advance for 6 months there is a 10% discount given.

LATE FEE..............A $10 late fee will be charged to accounts not paid in full by the 10th of each month.

REGISTRATION FEE ......A non-refundable fee of $45 per family is due when registration is made.

Do you give private lessons and how much are they?  Yes private lessons are given if

the schedule permits. They are $50 an hour. The registration fee is wavered.

LOCATION?  These classes are located in the South East area of Huntsville, Alabama.

WEATHER?  In the event of severe weather, it may become necessary to cancel classes for a partial or full day. These announcements will be on our answering machine.......256-880-6872 or sent via email.

If we miss a session during the week, can we make it up?  If there are class openings available for the particular class missed then yes. If not there are no refunds given. Please give advanced notice for classes to be missed in a given month.

Qualification of Missed Lessons for make up:  Missed lessons are lessons missed due to sudden illness, death in family or unavoidable emergency. If you miss a lesson it will be made up, if the qualifications are met, or at the teachers discretion. You will have within 30 days after absence to complete the make-up otherwise there will be no make-up lesson and it will remain paid for. A second make up lesson will not be scheduled.

To cancel a lesson please give advance notice.  If no notice is given and student misses then no makeup classes given, lesson is paid for.

*** To discontinue lessons a written notice 30 days before the time is required, or one months pay is required. Anyone who terminates lessons before the end of the month will not be reimbursed for the partial month.***

Do you have multiple children discounts?  No, because each person is an individual and gets

individual attention.

How many people are you having in each class?  At this time it is limited to 4-5 people per

class. But later it could increase as space permits.

If the people in your class are at different levels, how will you teach them so that the beginners aren’t lost and the more advance students aren’t bored?  They will each be assigned goals to accomplish at their own level. But preferably we keep the beginners and advanced students in separate groups. Also age groups are together when it is possible.

The basic drawing classes is an approximately 8 - 10 week course. It may take longer depending on the student and their abilities. And too there are students that will continue on, even after the basics, to learn more, work on special assignments or projects they have or want to accomplish. The class room training is readjusted at times to fit the needs without jeopardizing other students' level because of the individual attention received. Drawing abilities are progressive, but the basics are always necessary for a good foundation.

What mediums are you exploring?  I look to teach the basics to advance drawing and design with pencil, markers and Prisma colored pencil. As the student progresses and has good understanding in the basics of drawing then we will get into other mediums like:  Acrylic painting, pastels and charcoal and  water color.

What will your teaching method be?  This is not a artsy crafts course, but a basic technique course that is continual in advancement and methods of learning. Practical hands-on application and instruction is taught, with specific goals to be accomplished. The inspiration to learn starts with the individual and the teacher utilizes ways to bring out the best in their students.

What supplies will I need to bring?  Most all supplies are provided by the Gallery for the Beginners drawing art class. Prisma Berol colored pencils: At least a set of 12 soft lead Prisma colored pencils will be required to start. These can be found at local art supply stores or on the Internet. The more purchased in these beloved pencils the better.

In the advance drawing  or exploring of other mediums, the supplies are provided by the student. A list of things needed will be  given when the time comes for this.

Please feel free to contact us  if you have other questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Linda Foote, art teacher, and Bekah Lifer at Lafoote Art Gallery Studio Young and older taking art lessons together